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don't mind me i'm going to my happy place

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Birthdate:Dec 5
Location:Illinois, United States of America
I'm just a girl who works to pay for her book buying and addictions.

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30 rock, aaron sorkin, aimee mann, american history, amélie, arrested development, autumn, band of brothers, banter, baseball, bbc america, bill murray, black and white photography, bonnie hunt, book stores, books, bradley whitford, bringing up baby, british accents, calvin and hobbes, cary grant, chicago, chicago cubs, chicago history, christmas, cj cregg, classic movies, coffee, colin firth, comedy, cubs, daily show, damian lewis, damien rice, democrat, democrats, don't drive angry, donal logue, donna moss, dry humour, eddie izzard, elliott smith, england, f. scott fitzgerald, fall, farmers markets, festivus, fireplaces, flip flops, flowers, friends, groundhog day, hating squirrels, hazelnut coffee, his girl friday, history, holiday, hot chocolate, intelligence, iron & wine, irony, janel moloney, jon hamm, jon stewart, josh and donna, josh lyman, josh/donna, joshua malina, katharine hepburn, kenneth the page, kids in the hall, kindle, lauren graham, leaves, lewis black, life, mad men, monty python, movies, music, my boys, my godchild, news, newsradio, npr, obama, pez, phildelphia story, photography, politics, pop culture, postcards, procrastinating, procrastination, rahm emanuel, rain, reading, ron livingston, sarcasm, satire, screwball comedies, smart, sports night, starbucks, stephen colbert, steve carell, studio 60, tea, the big lebowski, the daily show, the decemberists, the great gatsby, the jazz age, the office, the thin man, the west wing, tina fey, travel, trivia, tulips, tv, u2, us history, van morrison, veuve clicqout, vodka-cranberry, west wing, what about bob, wine, wrigley field
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